Enagic Golf Club at Eastlake is excited and proud to announce that we are one of only 5 golf courses in San Diego County and the ONLY course in the South Bay with PGA Family Tees.
The PGA Family course setup helps kids and beginners play golf from appropriate yardages with holes ranging from 55 yards to 265 yards.

The benefits of the course include:

  • Kids and all members of the family will play faster and not feel rushed.
  • Lower scores, more fun.
  • A course kids can call their own.

For now, the PGA Family Tees are only on the front nine of the course with plans to add back nine tees in the future. Tee times are available to play the PGA Family Course after 2:30 PM during the spring, and after 5 PM During the summer.

To see the real-life impact of the PGA Family Course click on the following link:


Keep in mind that the PGA Family Tees are not just for kids.  It is a great set up for beginners, senior players who have lost distance and women golfers who feel as though the current front tees are too long for them.  Give the golf shop a call at 619-482-5757 to book a tee time and come out and test drive our new PGA Family Course!!

The PGA Family Tees have been rated by the Southern California Golf Association with a 9-hole rating of 27.3 and a slope of 40.  With these numbers, the kids can establish a handicap index by joining the Youth on Course program.

Family Tees


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